Perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé
Perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé
Teresa Fasch

5 reasons for a ski and not a beach holiday – Winter Sports for Winter Refusers

During the frosty season many of Europe’s most passionate sun worshippers like to get away to the South. Naturally, this respective “South” is a little further to travel to during the winter times and is usually related to tropical destinations like the Maldives, Philippines or the Caribbean. Additionally, it does it’s part for the tan and the level of relaxation to vanquish the chilly and dark months. Nevertheless, our new daily companion named Covid-19 has unfortunately decided to make (airway) travel to distant destinations somewhat impossible for the moment.

BUT what would you say if I claimed that a ski holiday is the perfect alternative? Sounds a little confusing and not necessarily logically perhaps to send all those into the snow-covered Alps when they just wanted to escape the winter season. Well, one could call it “Winter Sports for Winter Refusers”. Here are 5 reasons that make a ski holiday really not look too bad aside a winter trip to the distant South ?

1. Getting there

Enjoy the best skiing in the beautiful alpine landscapes of Ski amadé

As briefly mentioned before, air traffic for holiday purposes has become increasingly complicated and uncertain due to the current pandemic. Therefore, many planned long-distance trips had to be cancelled for this winter. The Alps on the other hand can be easily reached from whole Europe – with more or less effort – by ground travel.

Arriving by car is clearly very popular being a comfortable and flexible way of travel. Merely the possibility of driving on snow (for car and driver) as well as – of course – the impact on our environment have to be considered.

Arriving by train has deservedly gained increased popularity in the past years since all villages in Ski amadé can be accessed by train. And for all those villages and valleys that do not have a direct connection to a train station, the majority of hotels and accommodations provide transfers for the last miles.

Additionally, adding more comfort to the whole trip, the luggage can be slimmed down due to the widespread rental palette of the Intersport Service Network in Ski amadé offering skis, poles, boots, clothing, helmets etc….

2. Wellness & Relaxation

Imagine this: lying on a sunbed in your favourite bathing suit, warm air and the last sunrays of the day on your skin – that’s how wellness is done right during your ski holidays. Creating a well-deserved and relaxing balance to the hours before that have been spent in the fresh mountain air on the slopes. Bathing in the outdoor pool amidst stunning snow-covered mountain scenery, having a sauna with heart-warming pine scent or a massage to loosen up those tight muscles… That’s how easy it is to combine spa with ski holidays.

Couple in front of accommodation | © Ski amadé

3. Active Balance

Fun and great conditions on perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé

After enjoying an extensive breakfast the lift station nearby is already calling for you. On the way to the slopes all the equipment can conveniently be picked up from the ski depot or the INTERSPORT Rent Shop and then – let’s get up on that mountain. It can be said that skiing is a sport that enhances physical and mental health. Slowly and deeply breathing in and out the refreshing and clean mountain air while surrounded by several incredible summits, all thoughts of the stressful daily life will vanish completely.

Doesn’t matter whether skiing or snowboarding, the composition of physical tension and mental relaxation is one of the possible explanations for the popularity of these winter sports. And the best part is that everyone can decide all independently how far to challenge one’s physical fitness. Of course, the variety includes the right slope for everyone: wide and flat slopes for indulgent skiers, difficult black slopes for experts, funslopes and snowparks for adventurers or freeride routes for all free spirits. That way one can easily shape the perfect skiing or snowboarding day matching all needs.

4. Cuisine

Alright, tropical fruit and ice cold cocktails with little bright umbrellas sticking out can probably not be found here in the Alps. But to be fair: they also do not belong here. From my own experience I can report that on the mountain restaurants as well as in the restaurants down in the valley one can find a great deal of regional dishes that do not necessarily need to be a Schnitzel, Wiener Sausages with Fries or Pork Roast with Dumplings.

The trend nowadays goes more to a kind of “Fusion Kitchen” combining modern international and traditional local cuisine. Great examples are the Vegan Friendly ski region Hochkönig or dishes like the “Alpine Kebab”.

TASTE Ski amadé - the finest flavour from the Austrian mountains in cozy mountain huts

5. Hospitality

Fun and great conditions on the perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé

Hospitality is a treasure that is still one of the core values of ski villages here although being in contact with tourism for decades (or perhaps for exact that reason). The majority of businesses is family-run and a great part of the local population puts all effort in creating that overall winter holiday experience. It even seems like all stress that usually follows us on every step cannot go past the unsuspicious blue-framed town signs making way for its opponents tranquillity and cordiality.

​​​​​​​These have just been 5 reasons why a skiing or snowboarding holiday can be considered the perfect alternative for a beach holiday in the (far) South. What do you thin? Could I convince you? ?

Teresa Fasch

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