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5 reasons why you should start your ski season now

Many of you are probably already standing in the starting gates like I am, and can hardly wait for the start of the season. On Saturday the time had already come, and we enjoyed the pleasure of glacier skiing on the Dachstein.

For all of you who are undecided and late starters...

...I have put together five convincing arguments for an immediate start to the season

1. Your season ticket is already valid
Yes, I know – that really is rather cool! Your season ticket is valid from 14.10.2017 to 01.05.2018 and so you can enjoy Austria’s greatest ski paradise for more than 6 months. Up to 06.12.2017 the season ticket is available at greatly reduced prices when booked in advance – teens and U25 year olds amongst you especially can save up to € 202 – so go for it. 

2. Ideal filler for the Shoulder Season
In spite of fantastic weather there is already mostly too much snow on the higher mountains for hiking and mountaineering, and still too little for ski touring. So you can ideally bridge the shoulder season on the glacier, and do your first sweeping turns of the season there in a deep-winter atmosphere at 2,700 metres.

3. To control your joyful anticipation
Who does not love the feeling of standing on skis again on the first day of the season, and it seems after the first sweeping turn as if the previous ski season only ended yesterday? I certainly did some wonderful mountain tours during the summer this year, but even so the joyful anticipation of the ski season was quite big. :)

4. Perfect conditions
In my opinion you will find ideal conditions on the Dachstein at the moment. Fresh new snow guarantees super pistes, and wonderful autumn weather ensures pleasant temperatures. I really must not go on about the breathtaking panorama. Little by little the first pistes are now being opened up in the ski areas. Incidentally, an overview of the up-to-date information about the pistes and facilities that have been opened is always available at: „LIVE-OVERVIEW"

5. Dachstein – more than “only” skiing
The Dachstein has something for everybody. Cross-country skiers, just like downhill skiers, get their money’s worth. What’s more, the Sky Walk, the Suspension Bridge and a tour of the Ice Palace are worth a trip to the glacier on their own. An absolute highlight is the Stairway to nowhere.

And another tip for the journey up and/or down the mountain: One of the two gondolas has an outside balcony. A journey upwards on the gondola balcony offers a feeling of out-and-out open air, and really is an experience in its own right.

In conclusion I have one further piece of advice for you: Don’t forget to validate your toll pass at the top station, so that you can drive on the Dachsteinstraße free of charge.

Why you should already start into the ski season :)

Lisa Schiefer

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