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5 tips for a pleasant day’s skiing with toddlers

Warm clothing is the most important thing of all. Fingers and toes get cold quickest. It is best always to follow the weather forecast. If there is talk of sub-zero temperatures, it is sensible, for example, to have the kids wear two pairs of gloves, one on top of the other.

A thin pair (preferably woollen) and ski gloves on top. The fact is that little fists are always warmer than little fingers. If necessary just take the gloves off and frequently blow into them. For cold toes thick socks, but even so the ski boot should not be completely filled, as otherwise the foot has no room to move. Two layers can easily be worn not just under the jacket, but also under the trousers. Above all with children, do not try to save on the quality of the clothing.

Constant movement wherever you are, for example even on the lift

Whether using a chairlift or drag lift, the toes must always be on the move. On the chairlift it is also possible to clench and unclench your fists. Away from the lift and preferably with one’ skis off, with or without sticks – it makes no difference: bang one’s hands quickly and hard on one’s thighs, run on the spot or even have a short race. Go up a short slope on skis (best of all, sideways on the edges) or hop round in a circle. If possible do all these movements in the sun.

The little rucksack should, from experience, contain: spare gloves (spare clothing if necessary), a small thermos with tea or hot non-alcoholic punch, muesli bars, nuts, glucose sweets or just some little titbit which the child is fond of, to shorten the way to the hut, hotel or home.

If tiredness sets in great care is required

Always ski close to the child, and if necessary have the child between your legs. Try to keep spirits up with encouraging comments: “There’s a hut behind the next tree”; “Just another three turns”; “Then there’s a lovely hot chocolate” and take the quickest possible route to the objective – TAKE CARE not to underestimate the gradient – always ski round steep sections.

A little pearl of wisdomfrom a child’s mouth: a particularly delightful child once explained to me at ski school how always to remain really warm: ”You know, I just imagine a lovely big campfire, and I am warm again straightaway!” (Charming, isn’t it?)

With this in mind, less is often more, which means not taking on too much, and above all do not overtax the children; and then there is nothing to stop you having a pleasant day’s skiing.

Beate Erlmoser

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