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5 tips for children's ski clothing

I’ve told you some ski clothing hacks in my last blogpost, so now I'm gonna share our tips for starting a skitrip with small children in a reasonably relaxed manner. (By the way, ours are 4 and 2 years old)

Pay attention to the order

It makes sense to pack your ski equipment in the car first, then there are no waiting times and once everyone is dressed, you can start right away. Think about which family member will wear which item of clothing and when before you start getting dressed. If you wear everything too early, it can end up breaking out in a sweat. If the smallest child is finished first, it will get too warm and will have to be kept busy for a long time, because waiting outside alone is also not possible. However, patience is not the greatest strength of most toddlers. So: One part after the other and in a circle. Each family member is therefore always the same distance. The following tricks help us with this.

Hide & Seek

Hide the individual items of clothing for the children. While they're looking, you always have some time to get ready. The thermal leggings on the box, the ski socks under the bench or the ski jumper behind the flower vase. This is fun and entertains the children, so the waiting time is bridged faster. One main rule: Only when one part is tightened can one look for the other. The tension means that even those who don't usually like to get dressed quickly slip into their clothes. Always pack gloves and helmets, because they won't be needed in the car yet, and the little ones shouldn't get too hot while driving. It is also best to do without a thick jacket in the car and slip out your ski overall with your upper body, because only then, according to the ÖAMTC and the ADAC, is the journey to the ski slope safe. Due to the volume of the clothing, the belt does not lie optimally on the body. As a result, its protection is not fully available.

Let the kids try on there own what’s possible – jacket trick

Show your little ones the jacket trick, it worked wonders for us and since we got to know it, the jacket has always been put on with joy and only by yourself.

1.) Lay the jacket on the floor with the inside facing up and the neck area towards the body.
2.) Bend your head down like in a headstand and put your hands in the sleeve openings.
3.) Throw the jacket over your head with a little swing while putting your arms into the sleeves.

Choose the outfit together the night before

It is said that there are children who pay very close attention to what they are wearing from an early age - even if it is the lowest layer of many and nobody on the ski slopes can see the pink undershirt with the unicorns. One child attracts what we put out for him, the other belongs to the characters described above. But there is a remedy, we always use the evening before and choose the clothes together with a little help from mum and dad. The function has to be fulfilled, but the child creates the look themselves. Since we've been doing this, there have never been any problems in the morning and we start the day much more harmoniously. This works for us both for the ski slope and for the kindergarten.

Preheat clothes on the heater

I'm not a big fan of the cold and I like it to be cozy and warm. Even the children soon begin to whine a bit when they are too cold. For this I have adopted some tricks from our grandparents, which are very popular with us. We put our ski pants on the heater first thing in the morning. The children like to slip into the warm pants and we don't have to argue with the little ones every time. Throughout the year I collect glass bottles for the ski boots that fit exactly into the shaft. I fill the bottles with hot water from the kettle and put them closed in the ski boots for us adults while driving. I always put the children's ski boots on - which we keep in the apartment overnight (!) - right away, so you don't have to do it in the parking lot. That's why the children put the hot bottles in their winter boots, because most of them want to get out of their ski boots right away after the slopes, as they get a bit stiff over time.

With these little life hacks we manage to arrive more relaxed and still well equipped for a winter day in our favorite Ski amadé area. In this way, we let the saved energy out on the slopes and not before.

Anna Pilz

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