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5 tips to prolong the the life of your skis

I am not one of those people, who clips into the latest pair of skis every year. If I find a pair of skis, which I really like, then I ski on them for at least a couple of years. Provided that they stay in tip-top condition and this where the right ski maintenance comes into play. With these tips, your skis will stay like new for longer:

Whoever follows these pointers...

...and does not seriously damage their skis, can enjoy them for many a season

1. Never leave your skis in the car
After skiing, the skis are usually wet and if left in the car or in a ski bag, then they don’t dry properly. The damp then rusts the edges. So take your skis out of the car and dry them thoroughly.

2. The right storage place
Between ski days, you should find a good place to store your skis. The garage is most definitely not one of the best storage places. This is due to the fact that the wet car is parked in there and all the salt and dampness from the car starts to affect the skis. Better, would be a dry room with a minimum temperature of 10°C, for example in a cellar. Ideal would be a boiler room, as long as this does not violate fire protection regulations. 

3. Washing and edging
One thing is clear: just because the skis are not skiing as well as they usually do, it is not yet quite time for a complete service. Ski wax helps in every case and can often be applied to the skis throughout the season. Support can be found, either from an expert or an App.

Personally, I always wait for good snow conditions at the start of the season, before I do the edges of my skis. I would not want to ruin my edges straight away when there is minimal snow cover. But when the snow falls, then I head straight off to get my skis serviced.

4. Let any damage be professionally repaired
Everyone is aware of the problem – scratch and you have hit a stone. Slight scratches are not usually a cause for concern. However if the scratch goes completely through the wax coating or has damaged the edges, then you should go to a ski technician and get it sorted.

5. Well-maintained throughout the summer
After the last run of the season, you should invest a bit of time into looking after your skis: first of all, the skis should be washed thoroughly. Then they should be rubbed dry with a cloth. The bindings should be sprayed with a special binding spray. This protects them from oxidation and corrosion. If the edges are rusty, then they should be grinded to prevent the rust from spreading any further. The base of the ski should have a coat of hot wax put on it, which is then left on over the summer. This helps prevent the base of the ski from becoming brittle and cracking. The skis should then be stored in a cool dry room (see tip 2).

Oliver Seuffer-Wasserthal

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