Skier with red ski jacket stands on the snow and looks at the surrounding mountains
Skier with red ski jacket stands on the snow and looks at the surrounding mountains
Carina Stelzer

5 ways to make your holiday in Ski amadé more sustainable

Would you like to enjoy your skiing holiday and at the same time take care of the environment? That's not a problem at all! Skiing holidays and sustainability should not be mutually exclusive, but should rather go hand in hand. How exactly is that supposed to work? I'll show you today with these 5 tips for more sustainability on your holiday in Ski amadé:

1. Arrival by public transport or car sharing

Especially when traveling to and from Ski amadé, you can easily reduce your CO2 footprint. Traveling by car releases a lot of greenhouse gases. Did you know that a skiing holiday in Austria for Austrians by train or car only causes around 3 to 21kg of CO2 per person per day, while a journey from Spain by plane, for example, consumes a total of 138kg of CO2 per person and day?

That's why Ski amadé offers you numerous options for arriving and departing without your own car. If you travel by train, many accommodations in Ski amadé offer you a free shuttle from the train station to your accommodation. With the so-called “Urlaubsexpress” you can get even cheaper by train from Vienna via Linz to your favorite ski area in Ski amadé. If you do not have the option of a free shuttle from the train station, there is also ÖBB Rail & Drive – the car sharing system, with which you can get from the train station to your accommodation for little money.

2. Book your vacation in one of the environmentally certified accommodations

Did you know that 15 accommodations in Ski amadé have one or more eco-labels? Far more hotels, however, pay particular attention to resource conservation, the use of regional products and environmentally friendly offers for their guests, even without environmental certification. This also includes supposed little things, such as the fact that towels are no longer washed automatically every day, but only at the request of the guests or the use of refillable shampoo bottles, which save a lot of plastic waste.

3. Explore Ski amadé with our ski buses

Did you know that you can use all ski buses in Ski amadé free of charge with a valid ski pass? A ski bus is particularly suitable for short distances and trips within the towns. An evening toboggan excursion after a great day of skiing is also best done with the ski bus.

4. Enjoy products from the region

Many hut keepers in Ski amadé are very keen to buy locally sourced products. Together with you, we can make an important contribution to the sustainable cycle in the region. A little insider tip: the ski and wine huts in particular have many local delicacies ready. In addition to your enjoyment, you also support regional food production, or feast your way through the ski areas along the Ski amadé Enjoyment-Ski-Routes. ;)

5. Rent skis, ski boots and now even ski clothing for yourself and your family

Did you know that ATOMIC has its headquarters and production facilities in Ski amadé?

In Ski amadé there are ski rental stations wherever the eye can see and you can experience the feeling of being “produced on site” right away. Renting ski equipment is a great sustainable approach and also offers the opportunity to try out different ski styles or to be able to better adapt the equipment to the weather and snow conditions. For example, when there is a lot of fresh snow, you can borrow skis for deep snow and experience skiing on a completely different level.

In addition to classic skis and ski boots, you can also rent ski clothing in Ski amadé. This is particularly useful for families with children who are still growing – so you don't have to buy a new outfit every year. Or if you are traveling from afar and do not want your ski jacket and pants to take up too much space in your suitcase. But be careful – reserve early enough!

I have shown you a few possibilities how you can make your holiday in Ski amadé sustainable with a clear conscience. I hope you can put some of these tips into action too. I'm looking forward to your feedback!

At you’ll find all the information you need for your environmentally friendly winter holiday in Ski amadé.
Ok, let’s do this! When does your sustainable holiday in Ski amadé start? ;)

Carina Stelzer

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