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7 things you will miss when you leave Ski amadé

Unfortunately, the nicest places a country has to offer have to be left at some point. You have a great time there but after a while, you have to return to everyday life and its responsibilities and go back home. This is exactly what happened to me after a 5-month-internship at Ski amadé – at some point, it was time to return home. I will share with you what I will miss after my wonderful time in Ski amadé:

1. Snow

Sooooo much snow… I am an absolute snow-lover and what can be better than spending your time in winter in Ski amadé? Snow as far as the eye can see, is all I need to be happy.

2. People

The people in Ski amadé are incredibly nice and always friendly. One cannot feel bad here because there are always people who know how to cheer you up. Whether it‘s the lift-staff, the inn keepers and their waiters, supermarket employees or simply someone who crosses the street – everyone is as friendly and nice as anywhere in Austria. Almost as nice and friendly as the people in Lower Austria… ;)

3. Food

Restaurant food. Do I have to say more? What is better than a Berner Würstel, Hüttengröst‘l, Kaiserschmarr‘n, Germknödel… of course this tastes the best at a ski hut on the mountain. How can you not miss this?

4. Slopes

To be the first in the morning on a freshly-groomed slope is priceless. At this point I have to express my praise to the slope-groomers in Ski amadé, because I have never found a slope in Ski amadé that wasn‘t perfectly groomed. I miss the feeling of being first on the slopes and enjoy the peace and quiet of the mountains whilst being surrounded by the most beautiful winter landscape.

5. Dialect

The Styrian-and Salzburger dialects are so warm. I‘ll probably never understand words like ‘sem‘, but these are what make the dialect so charming. Somehow, I miss it to have to ask after every 10th word what it means again. ;)

6. Freedom

These infinite expanses, whether in summer or in winter, that make Ski amadé so special, bring with them a feeling of freedom. No matter where you look, you have incredible views everywhere. The most beautiful views can be found on the mountain, where you have an unbelievably far-reaching view of many, many other mountains. One can only miss such views.

7. Tradition

Tradition here is of a very high priority. Customs are very important here and the traditional clothing is worn with great pride, which in Austria is not the case everywhere. This appreciation of tradition, customs and traditional clothing is very special.

Carina Stelzer

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