Beate Erlmoser

A day full of Adventures

Spending Sunday skiing in Altenmarkt really paid off. In addition to the gondola lift, the pommel lift at the foot of the mountain is an adventure for young and old. With four different runs, which all offer a variety, it never gets boring.

The wave run with small banked curves... ideal for a little duel between the kids. A slalom, with fir trees and wooden trunks made of foam is an eye-catcher and a challenge at the same time, and the ride through the Fichtelwald is the most exciting thing of all and promises many surprises. You can see animals there, hear noises and also small houses to drive through or to take a little break.

It sounds like the mountain is only full of corners and paths, but that's not the case. Of course, you can also swing down into the valley on a wonderfully wide piste without attractions, ideal for starting out on skis, snowboards, telemarking and much more, as the steepness and incline of the slope are really ideal for beginners. To the right of the pommel lift, you can even rush down on a bobsleigh or sledge.

The gondola takes you to the fun park

Boxes and jumps there are easy to drive. The descent into the valley is long, sometimes a bit steep, but can also be done with small children. To put it in a nutshell, mountain offers sporting activities for the whole family: Mom goes on a little ski tour with friends on the Hochbifang, the big brother takes his friends up on the 10-seater gondola to do a few more laps on the 8-seats Königslehenbahn, while the little sister practice with Dad on the button lift... 

This ski area is small but great. At the end of the day, the family meets for a “take away” cocoa in the valley! After a brief thought about dinner, the fridge is empty, there are also french fries, sausages or a meat loaf! At around 3 p.m. three young boys appear, each with a huge backpack. You take the cable car up and a short time later you can see them in the sky with their colorful paragliders. The flight takes about 15 minutes. After landing, the paraglider is packed, loaded into the gondola and the whole action started again. I can only advice stop by at the Skischaukel Radstadt-Altenmarkt, it pays off!

Beate Erlmoser

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