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An insider tip at the end of the season: Sulz and Firn

Who wants to know the insider tip at the end of the ski season? You? Well then, I have two things that you can only find here in Ski amadé. Of course everything is made by nature. Therefore, the insider tip also depends on the seasons and their transition.

This insider tip at the end of the ski season is actually two things: Sulz and Firn.

What is behind these two names? Many locals look forward to it because it prepares a nice transition from the long winter to spring. The cold of winter is slowly disappearing, the days are getting longer again, the sun warms the snow, our bodies and our minds.

I'll start with the Sulz. What is Sulz anyway?

This type of snow is a very softened snow. There is no slipping on the ice, just fun skiing. You'll have the most fun with short skis or a snowboard when you ride the Sulz. It feels a lot like surfing and you don't need a sharp edge. It means surfing and having fun, slipping and gliding in the soft snow. The snow is a bit heavier and therefore slower, so you won't break a speed record, but rather end up in a decelerated skiing pleasure. You also land softer when you fall, if that should ever be the case.

The perfect transition from the cold to the warm season is right now in Ski amadé. Because Sulz is only available now. It's even more fun with children because you like to join in any nonsense in the mud.

Fun and great conditions on perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé

And what is Firn?

This is probably the highlight from March onwards. It is the snow that can be found on the surface away from the slopes – like a very fine grit. The snow is very easy to drive on. How could you best describe the snow: loose and light. Here, too, short skis or a snowboard are advantageous.

Those were the insider tips that from now on – that is, from March – are really fun every year and that the locals look forward to. Does this insider tip appeal to you? Welcome to Ski amadé in March! There you will find sun, fantastic mountain scenery, fun Firn and Sulz snow and joy in your heart. Have fun!

Esther Ebner

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