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© Reiteralm Bergbahnen
Esther Ebner

Balancing exercises for Après-Ski sore muscles

Do you want to party after skiing or snowboarding and never let the good times end? You have well earned it during your winter holidays. This is your time to enjoy yourself!

But what if the next day the sore muscles are not only in the legs, but also in the head and stomach? When the hangover has crept in when you wake up in bed? Then the joy of the day before quickly fades and the next day begins with a bad awakening. I'll tell you how you can prevent and mitigate this so that you can enjoy the next day on vacation.

Two medical phenomena occur as a result of the consumption of alcohol: Your mineral balance gets mixed up and the blood vessels dilate, which puts strain on the muscles, head and stomach. Acidification occurs. You feel this "being sore" the next day as a hangover. You can find out what you can do about it in this blog article.


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Your balancing exercises against a morning Après Ski hangover begin even before the partying.

You can prepare yourself with these measures:

  • Eat a high-calorie and high-fat food. This serves as a good base for you.
  • Make sure you're hydrated before partying, as alcohol dehydrates the body, leading to headaches.
  • You are welcome to take a magnesium tablet before drinking alcohol, which you can get cheaply in any drugstore. This is also good for sore muscles or if you keep getting cramps in your legs during certain sports/movements.

In this sense, prevention is BETTER than aftercare. As a preventionist, I'm very much in favor of this type of balancing exercise.

If you haven't made all these preparations because everything happens quickly and spontaneously (which can happen on vacation), then try these recommendations while partying:

  • Drink a glass of water after every alcoholic drink. This prevents dehydration and hangovers the next day and you not only save yourself the physical side effects, but also a lot of money. Which of course has a positive effect on all further party nights.
  • Eat salty nuts, a pretzel or something salty in between drinks.
  • If you're a non-smoker, that's a good thing. Not only for your lungs, but also for a less intense hangover the next morning. This is because nicotine consumption makes more room for alcohol because it lowers the alcohol level, which in turn makes you drink more. You go from one high to the next, so to speak. Nicotine - alcohol - nicotine - alcohol and so on.
  • And otherwise I always recommend dancing. This way you break down the alcohol faster.

If none of this helps, these balancing exercises are there for the morning after:

  • Top priority is to drink LOTS of water!
  • Another recommendation is: get outside. Go for a long walk or even a moderate jog.
  • Then a contrast shower for the circulation
  • Only go back to sleep afterwards
  • Eating a protein-rich meal, like bacon and scrambled eggs, will help your stomach and your well-being. You can also add a tiny bit of salt to your water or have a drink that contains electrolytes. If you would like a beer afterwards, non-alcoholic please. This would be a wonderful way to support your electrolytes.
  • If you have peppermint oil handy, you can drip it on your temples. 1-2 drops are enough to create a freshness kick for the head.


As you can see, there are a few tips and recommendations that can help you enjoy your days off on a boisterous winter holiday with lots of Après-Ski fun.

Just take out 1-2 balancing exercises that you want to try and then: Party on!

Esther Ebner

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