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Beate Erlmoser

Classic Viennese soup pot vs. traditional Viennese soup pot

It's lunchtime, you've been on the slopes since early in the morning, the powder has called! Well deserved, hunger kicks in for some time already with various noises in the stomach area. After finding a spot in a ski hut, opening the menu, soup would be best now! Dumpling soup – no. pancake soup, semolina dumplings soup, no. Viennese soup pot ... Hmmm – what is a Viennese soup pot?

It's best to ask right away, but you're already so hungry that you don't want to ask the waiter the next time he shows up, you want to order immediately. Two options are still open: order schnitzel with fries again or grab your smartphone quickly!

I recently had this experience! I couldn’t imagine what is a traditional soup pot.

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I chose the second option and tapped the Viennese soup pot into my smartphone. However, I was spat out two variants of this obviously traditional Austrian dish – the classic Viennese soup pot and the traditional Viennese soup pot... mpf – the comparison...

The ingredients of the classic soup pot are limited to the soup vegetables (carrot, parsley, chives, celery, onion, salt, pepper, bay leaves and thyme), then add a lean beef and a soup chicken. The meat is cooked in large pieces with the soup until soft. If the meat is tender enough, the soup is strained, the meat is separated from the fat and bones and cut into small cubes. Put the cubes back into the soup, briefly boiled, and serve it hot with soup noodles!


The difference to the traditional Viennese soup pot is in the meat added and the preparation. A soup chicken is also used, but with it the finest beef (shouldered pork or boiled beef) and veal tongue. The meat (without veal tongue and chicken) is pre-cooked for 2 hours, the roughly chopped onion is added to the meat a little later, and roasted. The veal tongue, the chicken and also the soup vegetables come an hour before the end of the cooking time in the soup pot. Strain the spices, spleen, leek and onion, finely chop the meat and vegetables. Boil the pieces of meat and vegetables with the soup noodles and serve hot.

The vegetarian variant would be a semolina dumpling soup or a pancake soup.

The dumplings are made from semolina and butter and seasoned with salt and nutmeg. There is a short anecdote from my time as a ski instructor about the “Frittatensuppe”: A student around 6 years old placed his order for lunch with me. He couldn't remember the name of a well-known soup with the yellow stripes, until the person sitting next to him finally came to his aid - "Oh, just tell them you want the soup with the pancake stripes!"

I wish you a good appetite and relaxing days on the slopes!

Beate Erlmoser

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