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Fail! 😃 6 wrong ways to carry the skis (and one correct one)

Handling the skis while driving seems quite simple-put on your ski shoes, connect to the binding and let’s go. On the other side you will find various ways of carrying the winter sport gear. Inexperienced skiers are often identified in the way they carry their equipment. On the one hand it might look really goofy, on the other hand it can be quite dangerous. Today I want to introduce you into a few types of ski carriage that you might have notice already sometimes 😉



The embrace method

If you see them, you might thing they are either totally fallen in love with their skis or… are they insanely afraid of losing them? 

The skis are carried horizontally or diagonally in front of the body and clamped to the chest for fixation.



On dangerous flight mission

Everyone knows – a pair of skis belongs together, but still – some people decide to separate them. What you get is a single ski on each shoulder, crossed at the front.

In moments of unaware movements, helicopter-like swings can happen. Never close up to people who carry their skis like that and keep enough safety distance!



Total chaos 

This type of ski carrier has already given up completely: Carrying skis on your shoulders doesn't work properly. So, the skis and ski poles are carried wildly underneath the arms in front of the body and simply everywhere where something can still be tucked.

It seems like from the parking lot to the lift, five traffic signs are damaged and three other skiers are injured. They appear really clumsy and become unintentionally a real source of danger. 



Dragging after

All lazy Daisies should know – even this version of "carrying" skis is more heavy than doing it right. In this wrong way the skis will be offloaded from the car and not even lifted until reaching the ski lift.

They prefer dragging after their winter sports equipment, regardless of the damage as long as there is no need of lifting the skis.



The Lumberjacks

They seem to have super strong arms, as they carry the skis parallel to the upper body. The upper and lower arms are forming a right angle.

No matter how heavy it is, and they are cleching their teeths, they would never let you know how exhausting this is because – why else would they train so diligently in the gym? 😉



Upside down

Nearly everything is right – but still – only almost. They put their skies self-assured over their shoulder and walk by confidently and elegant. But the error occurs as the ski tips are pointing backwards.

An absolute no-go, which immediately unmasks the wannabe skiing Pros :D  



Elegant connoisseur

And finally, we proudly present the absolute professionals! Completely confident and slightly leaned back, they can cope with perfectly shouldered skis on any route.

The toe piece of the binding is located right behind the shoulders. The arm covers the front part of the skis and ensures to be optimal balanced.


The more you push the skis down, the easier it is to carry them. So, push the tips down at the front, the “back end” stands steeply upwards. 
And which type have you already met?? :D

Werner Schrittwieser

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