Werner Schrittwieser

Feel the "flow" on the slopes

Clear, fresh air and the fantastic panorama of snow-covered peaks and forests. Who hasn't dreamt of this perfect backdrop in the mountains and wants to get their skis out of the cellar right away for the first turns in the snow? Skiing is not only fun, but it also keeps you fit and makes you happy. So there are many good reasons to regularly click into your skis in Ski amadé in the upcoming winter season. 

The mountains are the best fitness studio

Exercising in the fresh air trains the whole body, i.e. both endurance and strength. Instead of working out in a gloomy gym and smelling the sweaty air, instead you could also take a deep breath of fresh air and enjoy the mountain panorama whilst training on the mountain.

Your entire cardiovascular system is exercised and trained just as much as the muscles. Through the movement sequences and different conditions, skiing also leads to improved reaction and coordination. Balance is also required. All these factors lead to a significantly improved fitness level when you exercise regularly in the mountains.

Good for the mind

A day of skiing not only has a positive effect on our physical health, but also on our emotional state. From a psychological point of view, the anticipation of the upcoming winter sports experience cannot be ignored. But when you stand at the top of the mountain after the first lift ride and feel this feeling of freedom, it is always a very special and unique moment for me.

Now is the time to take a deep breath of the fresh mountain air and enjoy the panorama. Here you can simply leave stressful everyday life behind you. Every now and then I get goose bumps. And there will certainly be many more moments of happiness during the course of the skiing day.

Being in full “flow“

Such intense moments and strong feelings of happiness are also called "flow". You forget everything around you and an intense and pleasant feeling of flow is created. You concentrate one hundred percent on skiing.

This can be a sense of achievement for beginners or a perfect run in ideal conditions. A great lightness can be felt here. However, this depends on a number of factors that must fit together. These include the perfect surroundings, the right equipment and movement, but also your own ability, which should not be overestimated.

Adapt your speed

Speaking of skills. In order to be able to savour these feelings of happiness, one should not be overstretched by any means. Your own skiing skills must be considered and adapted to the requirements of the slope and the conditions. After all, if you are skiing beyond your means and therefore feel insecure, you will soon become scared and less happy.

The most intense moments of happiness are experienced at a slightly demanding but controllable speed. And have you ever felt that very special "flow" on the slopes?

Werner Schrittwieser

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