Walking, hiking and mountainbiking on the mountain during summer time with Ski amadé summer lifts
Walking, hiking and mountainbiking on the mountain during summer time with Ski amadé summer lifts
Esther Ebner

Healthy snacks on the mountain

When the body calls for energy, all the ingredients should be at hand for optimal nutrition while hiking on the mountain. And anyone who has ever done an extensive hiking tour of 3-4 hours or longer knows the good feeling of having packed a valuable snack. After the exertion, high up on the summit, it tastes really good.

The most important thing on the mountain is definitely the fluid balance

The body loses a lot of fluids through sweating and exertion and this should be refilled regularly. Therefore, the first ingredient is 1.5 liters of water per person for a longer hike. The water can be enriched with lemon or fruit juice, also a homemade iced tea is a good alternative to water. Do not only drink when you are already thirsty, but drink again and again in stages.

The next backpack ingredients are as follows:
A very classic snack is the muesli bar. But even better are self-made power balls that you can take with you not only when hiking, but also to work or to school or kindergarten for the kids.

Here is a simple recipe:

  • You take 80g dates (dried and pitted)
  • 50g cashew nuts
  • 50g oatmeal
  • 3 tablespoons water
  • and, if required, also dark, unsweetened cocoa powder
  • Another pinch of rock salt or sea salt and the recipe is ready

Now cut the dates and cashew nuts into small pieces and mix them with the water in a blender. Then carefully put the remaining ingredients into the dough. Mix properly and then shape the balls. They can also be put into the freezer.

My all-time favorite snacks...

...are hard sausages from the local butcher, made with regional meat. I prefer hard sausages from deer out of Pongau, which you can get in the farmer's shop or a local butcher's shop anywhere in Ski amadé. I love a sourdough bread from the local bakery or a crisp bread with it.

Of course, vegetables and fruits should not be missing in a “healthy” backpack. Carrots or peppers in all colors are particularly suitable for this, as juicy fruits apples, tangerines or grapes. And last but not least, nuts are a very valuable source of energy. These are filling and energizing throughout the hike.

Since the food still needs to be packed properly, I recommend that you get a good set of stainless steel containers. These are durable for a lifetime and without plasticizers like some plastic packaging. There are very sophisticated snack boxes and cans for optimal transport. I can recommend Alpin Loacker here.

Here you will get a snack box with a cutting board

Here are also small storage jars for nuts or vegetables

So no hypoglycemia or muscular weakness can get in your way on the mountain, unless you are not exercising enough – then the healthy snack will not help either. :D

So let's go with a good snack and enough fitness for the breathtaking natural scenery on the summer mountains of Ski amadé.

Esther Ebner

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