Best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé
Best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé

Helping Your Child Cope With Ski Sickness

Skiing is a great winter activity for adults and children alike. However, certain factors, such as ski sickness, can put a damper on all the fun. Research from the Sports Medicine Research Center of Tehran University of Medical Sciences indicates that some skiers...

...especially those who are 16 years and below, are likely to have this condition, also called Hausler’s disease. Among the symptoms of ski sickness are vertigo, headache, nausea and occasional vomiting. This condition is common among young adults and children, and while it goes away after skiing, it can be highly uncomfortable and inconvenient for those who are affected by it. Thankfully, you can help your child deal with ski sickness so they can have a great time on the slopes.

Visit the optometrist before your ski trip

Best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé

The Tehran University research has revealed that having vision problems may cause symptoms tied to Hausler’s disease. If your child wears glasses, be sure to visit your optometrist before your skiing holiday to ensure that their eyeglass prescription is up to date.

Also, it’s wise to invest in prescription ski or snowboarding goggles, especially if your child is an avid skier.

Don’t forget to bring medication for motion sickness

Professor Rudolf Hausler, who was credited for discovering ski sickness, said that those who are predisposed to motion sickness are more likely to experience Hausler’s disease than others.

If your child often feels queasy during car trips, you know that you can help them cope with dizziness and nausea by letting in some fresh air and giving them ginger candies to eat to quell the bad feeling. The same goes for ski sickness.

You can let your child take a break every once in a while between runs, or better yet, let them take medication for motion sickness, such as Dramamine. Check with your doctor first to see if it’s safe for your child to take this type of medicine.

Best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé

Get oriented

Best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé

Being on an all-white terrain with nothing to break up the starkness of the scenery can cause sensory conflict, and eventually, ski sickness. To avoid getting sick while skiing, make sure to advise your child to ski near ski lift towers or trees to orient them.

You can also let them wear ski goggles with photochromatic lenses to improve visibility and to reduce the symptoms of ski sickness.

Get some rest

Kids and young adults often have a lot of energy to burn, and it may be hard to keep them off the slopes for long periods. However, it’s important for them to get plenty of rest between activities, especially if they’re predisposed to Hausler’s disease. Remind them to keep warm while resting, and let them sip ginger ale or peppermint tea to settle their stomach. It’s also crucial to keep track of what they eat – overly greasy or heavy meals can exacerbate ski sickness, so advise your child to eat frequent, small meals throughout the day.

Don’t let ski sickness spoil your child’s fun. Try these tips to keep your child feeling well and happy for the best skiing holiday ever. 

Text by Jane Sandwood

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