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Higher – Faster – Further.... To the top with the newest lifts in Ski amadé

It is no secret, that there are the best and most up to date lift facilities in Ski amadé and I am always full of anticipation at the start of a new season to see what new developments have been undertaken.

And yes – I am also one of those – skiers or snowboarders of today, who are very demanding. A chairlift without heated seating is almost very nearly something from ancient times. Gondolas, which do not open or close automatically, cannot be found anywhere anymore, not to mention drag lifts, which now only serve as feeder routes.

Always higher, faster, further?

Is that the new motto? Always higher, faster, further? Not quite. The most up to date lifts should do a little bit more, in any case the comfort “on board“ should be enormously improved, as should the waiting times in the queues, be greatly reduced. And of course, you then can have a lot more fun on the slopes, because you are not spending so much time on the lifts.

This can really be seen in my adopted home. Alone through investment in new lift facilities, you can now (well in this case, I can;)), for example in just under 1.5 hours get from Snow Space Salzburg from Alpendorf to Flachau. And that is at least with seven gondolas and chairlifts and one conquers about 4,500 (!) height metres.

I have really chosen the perfect region in which to live, as variety is absolutely guaranteed here and above all: I do not like drag lifts! :)

I do not want to keep you in suspense anymore – even this year, there are a lot of new things to discover. I am already onto it:

The new Schlossalmbahn in Bad Hofgastein

I have to admit, that as well as drag lifts, I am not really a big fan of cable cars. So that is why I was so looking forward to the opening of the new Schlossalmbahn in Bad Hofgastein this winter. The somewhat queasy ride up is now a thing of the past. Of course, I wanted to be there for the opening and to have a closer look at the new gondolas. A cable car for up to ten people in two sections. Very nice! With a transport time of six minutes, which takes you from 854m to 2066m. And then you are already right in the middle of the ski resort and can ski all the way to Bad Gastein. I am impressed! Schlossalm – CHECK!

Sonntagskogel II for a quick link between Wagrain and Alpendorf

Also, in Snow Space Salzburg, between Wagrain and Alpendorf to be more exact, there have been changes. Do you know the Sonntagskogelbahn II? Yes, this is definitely one of those chairlifts which “decelerates“. But that is in the past. From this year, a brand new 8-seater chairlift takes you between Wagrain and Alpendorf. Even when deceleration is sometimes good – I like this new chairlift!

Sonntagskogel – CHECK!

The Hochkönig is getting bigger – well at least the ski resort is!

All good things come in threes and in this case, this is the highlight! The Hochkönig ski resort is expanding. From the 21.12, the Natrun is also directly linked and can be accessed from Maria Alm. The new Sonnberg 10er Gondelbahn joins the Arberg with the Natrun and the new Natrun lift, which is a 10 person gondola. In just under four minutes you get up to a height of 1168m and can enjoy more of the Hochkönig. Therefore, the Königs tour has become a little bit longer and a little bit more exciting. You can now scale six peaks and cover 7,500 height metres. But more about that in another blog. Even more peaks of emotions – CHECK!

The new "Hopsi-Express"

Not to forget, for the little ones – and of course the big ones – there is something very special in Planai. The new “Hopsi-Express“ brings children and families directly from Planai to the “Children’s fairy tale ski area“. I have to take the kids there - a part of the inclined lift even goes under the slope. I am very excited. Hopefully, soon - CHECK!

Have fun discovering the new lifts in Ski amadé!

Melanie Bauer

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