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Hiking – Can I touch this?

Spoiler – no you can’t! I just say: hands off! It doesn't matter whether it's a cute deer that can give you a good kick with its hooves, whether it's a little rabbit that might carry rabies with it, or the mummy cow, who has already turned its horns on you because you don’t leave her calve alone. Do not touch it!

If an animal bites you... should go to the hospital for an exam. Always keep in mind when your last tetanus shot was. If it was more than 10 years ago, then have it freshened up, because tetanus is absolutely no fun. Animals are still unpredictable and follow their instincts. Many of the hiking trails lead through pasture areas and the animals are also used to people. Nevertheless, they follow their own rules and if these are violated, then they can defend themselves from time to time.

Very important, and I recommend that to you as a mountain farmer's dirndl:

Do not go near a young animal. Even if it looks at you so sugar-sweetly with its big, puffy eyes. Because mum or dad are usually not far away and don't understand any joking. Even the farmers who own the animals must comply with this rule, otherwise there is a risk of injury.

Dog on a leash
Yes, I know that you think: the dog is not even allowed to run free in nature? Please don’t, your dog must be on a leash. Dog droppings are deadly to cows and other animals, so please always collect it, just as you are used to at home. If a dog sees a wild animal and the hunting instinct kicks in, you may never see your dog again or he may get injured while hunting. So train him not to do that and always keep him close to you.

If you come across a herd of cows, keep your distance with your dog. If you notice that the cows are going into defense mode (for example because young animals are there) and target your dog – then be sure to let go of the leash. The dog is faster than the cow and can run away, but if you keep him with you it can end badly for you.

My motto is a la Corona: keep your distance, more than two meters – better twenty meters.

My advice

If you look at the diversity of animals from a distance, you have the chance to experience a beautiful moment that you can only see if you observe calmly. Avoid any animal, even if there are cows on the path, for example.

If you want to stroke animals, you can do so in one of the many petting zoos that there are in Ski amadé in summer. So take care of yourself, be well prepared and if something does happen to you – the voluntary helpers of the Austrian Mountain Rescue will pick you up from the mountain in an emergency.

To be on the safe side, save the emergency number of the Austrian Mountain Rescue in your emergency contacts: 140

Magdalena Putz

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