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Hiking – Do I have the right equipment?

Wear what you need for a school trip: sturdy shoes and weatherproof clothing.




The shoes

Choose a shoe that is best ankle height to avoid injury. Because if you are careless or your muscles are tired when going downhill, it can happen that you twist an ankle.

Wear the shoe for a day in advance to avoid blisters and be sure to take blister plasters with you – if you don't need them, you may be able to help another tormented soul. Because there is nothing worse than blisters on a mountain tour, no matter how short it is. Think about the type of terrain waiting for you and adjust your shoes accordingly. 

The most important features your shoe should have:

  • Firm fit
  • Ankle protection (if necessary also a toe protection = hard material on the toes)
  • Non-slip sole
  • A good profile.

The clothing

Always take a second shirt with you to change. Nothing is better than changing your sweaty shirt on the summit. In addition, you won't catch a cold so easily. Always pack a jacket, it can be a little warmer.

A softshell is very suitable for this purpose. A headband or hat will protect your head and ears when the wind blows at the top.


The accessories

Don't forget your sunglasses and sunscreen, even if it's colder in higher elevations, the sun hits your skin with full force, so protect your skin and your eyes. Bring a backpack that has enough space for clothing and food, and which fits well without causing back pain.

I love backpacks which you can close at the hips and chest with an additional strap – this takes the strain off your shoulders. Poles are essential. They help you to save strength on the ascent and support you on the descent – I will hike never again without them! If they are foldable, you can easily stow them in your backpack when you don't need them.

My advice

In very rocky terrain, when it comes to climbing, stow the poles in your backpack – then you have your hands free. If you don't have your own equipment or if you are missing something, come and see the INTERSPORT Rent locations. There you get everything you need for your personal mountain adventure. You only have to bring along the desire to hike 😊

If you then register with the my Ski amadé Friends Club, you will receive great benefits in all INTERSPORT Rent locations of Ski amadé in summer and winter.

Magdalena Putz

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