Magdalena Schößwendter

Mountain air and beer, that is what I like – CRAFT BEER FESTIVAL!

This season, the popular Craft Beer Festival is taking place for the fourth time in the Hochkönig region! It is a real insider tip for winter sport enthusiasts and beer lovers. A diverse range of handcrafted beers await you, along with a great party atmosphere!

So, what happens at the Craft Beer Festival?
This unique Beer Festival high up in the mountains starts on the 26rd of March and runs through until the 28th of March 2020! Andrea, the daughter of the Wastl-Alm explained the following:

“At the Beer Craft Festival in the Hochkönig region, the selected ski huts are assigned a beer type, which they proudly advocate, serve and sample, for this period of time. This year we have a beer from the Mariensteiner brewery. It is, so to say “the typical Bavarian Beer!“

Besides the main attraction, the beer, we also have a DJ, who ensures that everyone gets in the party mood and that there is a great atmosphere for our guests. Moreover, we place high value on our local and traditional meals, which taste the best alongside a beer. That is how we ensure that there is a cosy atmosphere at the Craft Beer Festival! Every year, it is something special and we always really look forward to it!“

That sounds exceptionally inviting, I will definitely check that out and go there and try some beer. I am already excited to see with which highlights the other ski huts will impress the festival goers with! Along the Königstour there are many different nuances of beer types waiting for you. I have gathered some information on a few of the different types: The Steinbockalm in Hinterthal are presenting the beer culture of the Kaltenhausen brewery. At the Liebenau-Alm in Dienten, you can sample the “Master works“ from Zipfer and in Mühlbach, at the Zapferl-Alm there is the original Craft Beer from Stiegl! But I am not going to tell you anymore! Come and see for yourselves!

Apart from the different types of beer at the huts and alms, there are all kinds of programmes on offer throughout the whole ski region:

On the 26th of March, there is the “Beer and Dine“ in selected hotels

On the 27th of March there is the possibility of an exclusive tasting with all participating breweries at the “Craft Beer Night“

On the 28th of March, you can ski from hut to hut, so from one beer to the next in the Hochkönig ski area

More information about this can be found under the following link.

Beer always tastes so great, so high up in the mountains! Even I have been looking forward to the Craft Beer Festival for weeks now. It is my personal highlight of the season. This spectacle could not be better showcased than surrounded by the legendary Hochkönig! YOU BETTER BE THERE!

Magdalena Schößwendter

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