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The scent coming from the ski huts is heavenly, mainly because, all that fresh air makes most people very hungry. Steamed yeast dumplings, roast pork and chips are being eaten by everyone! They are really irresistible, well almost.

Unfortunately, we must confess that the only healthy thing here is the feeling of happiness when you think about these meals. Sports nutrition looks very different. But who says that this cannot also be heavenly? 

Nutrition is a widely discussed topic: vegan, lactose intolerant, gluten free, allergies and certain ingredients – the landscape of food puts down one personal stumbling block for everyone. Unfortunately, we cannot take everyone into consideration in our power food on the slopes report and therefore apologise in advance for this. We are keen on pure natural foods and hope that you will enjoy the taste of one or another of our power soups. We certainly envisage the perfect culinary giant slalom.

Firstly to the starting blocks

Good morning sunshine! The mountain is calling but the stomach is still growling. Therefore, a substantial breakfast is required before you can hit the slopes. Our tip: scrambled eggs (2 eggs) with low fat ham, 2 slices of whole wheat bread with curd, a pot of herbal tea and an orange. Why? Protein is the purest source of strength for us. Nearly everything within us is made up of protein chains, which are made up of essential amino acids. To cut a long story short, your body can never have too much protein. In whole wheat are long-chained carbohydrates, which are not used up immediately at the very first carving turn, but which provide the body with energy over a longer period of time. The orange is full of vitamin C! Do not forget, one actually uses fewer calories when skiing than one thinks. Therefore it is not necessary to fill yourself to bursting – a full tummy does not like to be swung about!

Enjoy your meal!

First break: Snacks are allowed! Pack a few nuts in your pocket and some dried fruit, which will also take care of those moments of weakness.

Second break: The choice at lunchtime at the hut is not so easy. As previously mentioned, all kinds of treats will try to entice you. But decide upon something light: salad with tuna fish, a hot soup or wok vegetables. Even though we feel tired, we still have half a days skiing ahead of us. If we reward ourselves with a massive portion of spaghetti, we then require ¾ of our energy to digest it. It is better to save this energy for a few brilliant turns through the powder!

On the home stretch: Even chocolate is a must. Treat yourself to a piece in the afternoon. Dark chocolate contains less sugar and is therefore preferable. Moreover, there is more cocoa in it, which in turn sparks the happiness substance serotonin in our brains! Happiness is edible!

Finish: drink, drink, drink. Lot’s of skiers also forget this – ample fluids increases performance and energy levels! Best of all are water and unsweetened, watered down fruit juice.

One beer or two, as well as the Jägermeister is better left until Après ski – however from then on, we do not want to set any more rules, but hand you over to the party atmosphere.

Judith Schmuck

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