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Powder Mixtape – A soundtrack for your inner cinema

There are many differing opinions and attitudes when it comes to listening to music whilst skiing. It is without doubt that there are certain criteria, which apply to music fanatics and skiers, when one thinks about the potential dangers and risks.

Der ganz normale Pistenwahnsinn...

Ski routes offer many options for freeriding in Ski amadé

Either allow for this feel-good factor, or even better want it or to absolutely discourage it. The normal slope craziness paired with thousands of snow goers and with that hundreds of beginners or slightly advanced skiers and even if the area in which you are skiing is big and expansive, these two things often do not go hand in hand: staving off potential hazards and putting on your headphones to lose yourself completely in the music and the rhythm of your turns; and the beat is simply top notch!

Nonetheless, a ski trip to Angertal Gastein in Ski amadé showed me, that there are ways and means to truly experience this wonderful combination! Of course, the passionate, highly motivated and tenacious ski tourers amongst you will now say, yes but, that is possible on every ski tour in the wild and snowy landscapes and peaks in our surrounding mountain regions; and I do not want to say anything to contrary here. But I was so delighted to be able to indulge in both of these passions of mine, and that within a completely closed off ski resort.

In my opinion, Angertal offers both

The comfort of many lifts and the best slope conditions, with long, and sometimes even quite challenging slopes on the one hand, but a wonderful off-piste adventure on the other hand, whereby one can ski the wonderful unprepared powder snow runs and with a bit of foresight, one can easily get back to the official slopes.

Firstly the circumstances WITHOUT, secondly with complete fervour and devotion, of course WITH sonication in the ears. And suddenly the difference between skiing and dancing seemed only marginal. And your own run down resembles something from a Freeride video; the anticipation to be the first to lay tracks on the next run entices you even more.

Here are my personal Powder-Top-Ten (Made in Austria):

  • Bilderbuch – Maschin
  • Steaming Satellites – The Sea
  • Sofa Surfers – White Noise
  • Leyya – Butter
  • Kreiml & Samurai – Das alte Liedchen
  • Olympique – The Reason I Came
  • Mothers Cake – I Like It
  • Soulitaire – Let Loose
  • Kruder & Dorfmeister – Useless

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