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Pure freedom in the middle of Ski amadé - crossing over the Dachstein to Hallstätter Lake

My circle of friends have pretty much had enough of me saying....that I wanted to cross the Dachstein. I have been talking about this for a few years now. Relatively spontaneously, we decided that we would do this on Sunday. I would like to tell you about our unique impressions and to also pass on a few tips for crossing the Dachstein.

The crossing of the Dachstein goes from the Dachstein summit region (top station of the Dachstein gondola and part of Ski amadé) to the Hallstätter Lake and with its 25 kilometre long run, it is one of the classic, longest ski crossings in the Alps. It is the most spectacular route in order to explore the UNESCO- world nature and world heritage of Dachstein.

We had two questions of concern the day before we were due to go:

  • Hallstatt or Obertraun?

We decided on the route to Obertraun, as this one is signposted, which meant that we could not get lost. So we reserved a return ticket, the day before (Attention: only until 4 pm) for the bus at 15.30 from Obertraun to Ramsau/ bottom station Dachstein on +43-3687-22042-800 or via e-mail to

  • Touring skis or Alpine skis?

We finally decided on touring skis and this was in my opinion the right choice. We took our skins with us in our rucksacks.


On Sunday, we set off at about 9 o’clock in the bright sunshine. At the bottom station of the Dachstein glacier lift, we picked up the return journey tickets for the bus (€16,50). We enjoyed the wonderful view whilst having a coffee at the glacier restaurant and also wandered over the suspension bridge to step into nothingness and finally then went on to the ice palace. Tip: validate your toll ticket at the bottom station before you do the crossing.

We then put on our touring skis and crossed the slope area. A prepared track takes you up in the direction of Dachsteinwarte and putting on the skins for the 100m is really worthwhile for the view of the Hohen Dachstein.

The panorama, which can be found at the highest point, is really unique. We were speechless and enjoyed the amazing atmosphere. The next signs pointed to a short ascent to the Simonyhütte. It was 650 metres further along the skiing and hiking routes. Time and again there were some short climbs. It was not really worthwhile to put the skins on for this but the panorama more than compensated for this bit of effort.

Lastly we came to the Gjaidalm and had a break. We enjoyed the spring temperatures and some really good food on the terrace. We had plenty of time. To ease things, there is a short lift (free for ski tourers and guests of the Gjaidalm) from the Gjaidalm to the start of the run down to Obertraun.

At 14.45 we arrived at the bottom station of the Krippenbrunn-lift in Obertraun. Our bus was due to leave at 15.30 and took about two hours back to the starting point, the bottom station of the Dachstein Glacier lift in Ramsau.

Afterwards we found out that there is also a bus to Schladming and that you can take this bus in the morning from Schladming to the Dachstein glacier lift. This would make the journey back in the evening much quicker.

All information regarding the Dachstein crossing can be found under

Those of you who do not want to cross the Dachstein right away, but are still on the look out for an adrenalin kick, are in good hands with the Ski amadé Made my Day Package “Dachstein Adventure.“ With a professional guide and a well-planned day, you are on the safe side, well supervised and in the evening you will still be reeling from the events of the day ;)

PS: Of course, your season pass is valid on the Dachstein! Another reason to do the Dachstein crossing.

Lisa Schiefer

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