Michael Hoffmann

Ski Lift Nostalgia: The T-bar Lift

Today, you can go by G-link, gondola or by chair – with heating, a panoramic view and background music. The T-bar lift has almost disappeared from the scene. A pity really! Fortunately, there are still a few exceptions in Ski amadé: whether in Filzmoos, St. Johann, Goldegg or elsewhere.

T-bar lift

An ascent aid with a high memory factor for ski fans born "back in the day"

Not only because as little skiers you felt safe on the short skis in between mum's or dad's wobbly knees when being dragged uphill and not only because it was common practice to use the drag lift when skiing at ski school.

One remembers the one or other ride with the one you had a crush on whilst in the wild phase of puberty. Maybe a cautious hug on the way up. After all, when you had to put your arms round the other person’s hip, you could always hip, you could always say it was for safety reasons whilst on the slippery track and be happy if you weren't immediately pushed away. Back then, you wanted to ride the lift for hours – and if possible always with your loved one – because in the freezing cold – despite the wet wooden bar under your buttocks – there was bound to be a spark at some point.

One remembers many pleasant conversations on the drag lift, the wind blowing around one's nose and watching many a less experienced skier on the exciting way to the exit. Actually, the mountain cable car bosses of Ski amadé should simply leave some of these drag lifts in their ski areas. For slowing down, for hugging, for personal conversations and also for improving the sense of balance of the ski heroes from all over the world.

Oh yes – and also to preserve the fond memories of the one or two drag-lift kisses.

Michael Hoffmann

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