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Ski amadé MADE MY DAY – Reload Dorfgastein

As much as I love skiing with my family, sometimes I need to reload just by myself. Today is one of those days. After taking an enormous breakfast after my kids went to school, I find myself in Dorfgastein. Ready to reload in the astonishing beauty of the Ski amadé mountains.


My new fellas and I start the day with some Yogi tea. Freshly brewed with lots of cinnamon. When we take the lift yoga instructor Anke advises us to turn of our phones and stay quiet for a bit. She takes us to a beautiful location on the top of the Fulseck.

There we stretch our bodies and empty our minds. We do some morning yoga and a reviving joyful breathing exercise. I’m no yogi, but I find myself having fun. When we continue our trip, I feel like I’ve shed a little weight. I can’t wait to see what’s next.


© Ski amadé

We ski along the family slopes, stopping at the most beautiful places to breath, do some yoga poses or just feel the natural sources of energy. I don’t know whether it is the yoga, the energy or the breathing but I haven’t felt this alive since weeks.

We ski a little before we go for our yogi lunch. The lunch is amazing. The hut is cosy with a friendly atmosphere and the food is divine. Any other day I would prefer a quick lunch but today I feel like taking my time. And so does the rest of our little group.

Snowshoe hiking

After lunch it is time to put on snowshoes. This will be my first time snowshoe hiking and I have no idea on what to expect. The shoes feel kind of weird and the walking technique feels a bit strange at the start.

Just when I wonder why we need snowshoes to hike along a path, we leave the path. Going back country on snowshoes is a completely new and kind of magical experience. After a while we stop for a short meditation. Usually I’m not the kind of person who meditates but this feels appropriate. I close my eyes, deciding to let the magic happen. When walking back we’re all just quiet (which is also a new experience for me).

Even though, the arrangement stops here. I don’t way this day to end. So, we decide to ski until the last lift takes us up. Complete reloaded we end this day. All ready to face another week of skiing with my family.

Maike Meerman

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