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Ski amadé is ready for the season

For many guests and winter sports enthusiasts, it is already a certain matter of course to find perfect conditions starting with the start of the new ski season. But before the 760 kilometers of slopes in Ski amadé are in their usual great condition, a whole series of work is necessary. It is not for nothing that a well-known quote says “After the ski season is before the ski season”. And so the preparations for the next winter begin immediately after the end of the season in May. Snow-making ponds, pumping stations, snow cannons, lift systems and machines are serviced, cleaned and brought into shape during a large number of overhaul work.

Compact snow cover

Without the active support of the snow cannons, a ski operation for such a long season would not be possible. Due to the correspondingly high capacities on the mountains, a compact layer of snow on the slopes is essential. Since artificial snow has a much higher density than natural snow, it is much more compact and resistant. That is why most of the ski areas are now relying on powerful snow-making systems from the mountain to the valley.

Piste manager Gerhard Zettel from Hauser Kaibling, who is already starting his 41st winter this year, gives a brief insight into the current state of affairs: “The moving work is almost complete. We're done in the upper area. Here we have a support of around 60 centimeters, which is sufficient. Further down at the valley runs we see that we are bringing in around 1.40 to 1.50 meters of snow. With this amount we usually get over the entire season, as our many years of experience show. We already have almost two thirds of the amount of snow that we need for the entire season and are already looking very positively towards the ski season! " 

Safe together

The final preparations are also in full swing in the Hochkönig region. Final work is being carried out on the lifts, including the new Natrun “pommel lift” directly in Maria Alm. This is also perfect as a practice lift for beginners. In addition to grooming the slopes, the mountain railways, together with Ski amadé, take all necessary measures to ensure safe cooperation with the greatest possible safety in the ski area. Responsible interaction with one another has top priority.

The precautions taken include the permanent wearing of a mouth and nose protection in the ski bus, in the ticket office and cable car area as well as in the gondolas and lifts. Of course, the precautions are constantly being adapted to the requirements of the federal government. The latest measures can always be found at www.skiamade.com/corona. With every ticket sale, Ski amadé also gives out a one-time winter sports-friendly mouth and nose protector. Information about the current safety regulations is also provided on site via loudspeaker announcements and information signs.

The final touch up

Little has changed for the piste crew due to the delayed start of the season due to Corona. Only the last preparations are a little less stressful due to the delay. “Normally, towards the end, we work all night long in a 24-hour shift. Now we do almost all of the work during the day, ”says Zettel.

Now it's time for the grand finale of the preparatory work. After the fine push now follows the slope protection. This includes all boards and markings, barriers, fall protection and upholstery. These take another half a week. And then nothing should stand in the way of a season start with perfect slopes on December 24, 2020. 

Are you looking forward to carving down the wonderful slopes of Ski amadé again?

We all hope that the corona situation will improve in the future and that the many beloved guests from abroad can be with us again soon. After all, we are all a bit of Ski amadé.

Werner Schrittwieser

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