Fun in the snow - tobogganing in Ski amadé
Fun in the snow - tobogganing in Ski amadé
Christian Voggenberger

Ski and snowboard alternatives in Ski amadé

You enjoy the winter and like to be in nature during this time? Are you athletic but don't want to or can't ski or snowboard? Luckily, you can do all kinds of winter sports in the five regions of Ski amadé! I'll show you what wonderful sports alternatives there are to skiing and snowboarding!
Fun in the snow - tobogganing in Ski amadé

#1 Sledding / Tobogganing

There are a large number of toboggan runs in Ski amadé, each one is something special. Depending on your individual wishes, there are tracks where you can bring the sled to the summit yourself and then roar down at full speed. Many ski huts located on the toboggan runs also offer rental sleds, so it's just a matter of going up and down. But there are also great offers for the more leisurely among you. In Radstadt, for example, you can use the gondola to get to the top. You can borrow the sled from below (for a small rental fee) or simply bring it with you. A specially designed toboggan run (from the mountain station to the valley station) puts your tobogganing skills to the test. But don't worry, even as a newbie or non-adrenaline junkie you'll get your money's worth here. But always remember: Safety first! Wearing a helmet also makes sense when tobogganing!

#2 cross-country skiing

Whether leisurely or really sporty, cross-country skiing is a sport for everyone. The choice of skating or classic is up to you. In both cases, this sport has a lot to offer. Hilly up and down passages, long trails over huge fields, breathtaking landscapes and much more can be enjoyed while cross-country skiing. The trail in Filzmoos, starting and ending at the mountain station of the Papagenobahn, offers an absolute cross-country skiing highlight. A brand new cross-country ski house increases the feel-good factor and the trail is a dream for every athlete.

You also don't have to worry about equipment when cross-country skiing in Ski amadé, rental equipment is available from all sports equipment rental companies.

Two cross-country skiers running on a sunlit trail | © Peter Burgstaller
© TVB St. Johann

#3 Piste tour in Ski amadé

Up in the gondola, down the slopes, ski day after ski day. At some point you will want more, more effort, more physical activity. A piste ski tour in Ski amadé fulfills exactly these wishes. Perfectly laid out ascent tracks and wonderful descents on perfectly groomed slopes. Whether alone or in a group, a piste tour is an absolute hit! Even beginners get their money's worth here. Rental equipment can be found at all Intersport Rent shops in Ski amadé. This is a great alternative to a typical stay on the slopes.

These three options can be implemented wonderfully, especially on a skiing holiday, but there is also something for everyone as a day guest or local! Just try it!


Christian Voggenberger

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