Berni Bernegger

Ever since he was very small, he has been on skis up to 30 times every season, and for a few years now he has not only been going downhill on two boards, but also uphill.

Whether alpine or touring skis, on a bike or on foot – sport is his passion and as a prospective geologist he knows his mountains literally inside out. He likes to share his experiences and knowledge with the community!

  • A skier bends down to her speedy skis by her ski boots and the skier is just looking at the unbuckled ski while he is still standing on the piste with the other one

    How to store ski equipment properly over the summer

    When the ski season comes to an end and the mountains turn green instead of white, it's time to "winterise" your winter gear, as we say at home. To ensure that your ski equipment doesn't suffer any damage over the summer, the following tasks need to...
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  • On a majestic tour through the mountains

    Join me on a culinary and adventurous journey through the majestic mountains of the Hochkönig. Today I'm exploring the unique combination of first-class food and breathtaking skiing on the Culinary Königstour. So let's get going!
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  • Strange habits in Austria

    Today, on this beautiful day, I had an idea at breakfast and wanted to find out what the general public had to say about it in the ski resort in Gastein. To start a piste survey, so to speak, on the topic: Strange habits of Austrians. Armed...
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  • Kulinarik auf den Bergen von Gastein

    Good food in Austria can be found in many places, but good food is usually associated with inns or restaurants in the towns and valleys, but the real insider tips for delicious food can also be found in the mountains. Ski amadé is predestined for...
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  • © René Eduard Perhab

    Skitour Hochwurzen

    It's that time again - today I'm going to tackle another piste tour route in Ski amadé. The great thing about the ski tours here is that the well-organised ascent track and the descent on the groomed piste always guarantee me a safe tour. I'll tell...
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  • Fitness prep - Piste skiing vs. ski touring

    When it comes to ski touring, it is important to keep in mind that going uphill is not enough. Did you squat down and put your hands in front of you? Then you already have the first exercise to prepare you for the ski season.
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    Enjoy the best skiing in the beautiful alpine landscapes of Ski amadé
  • Couple in front of accommodation | © Ski amadé

    Hotel etiquette

    On vacation and doing nothing for a few days, leaving everything behind, not tidying up and just feeling good. Correct! That's what vacation is for. But honestly, some people really take it to the extreme. I did an interview for you with a friend...
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  • Preparation is the key, what do I need for my piste tour adventure in Ski amadé

    If you have never done a ski tour, here are the basics: nothing works without ski touring skis and ski touring shoes. Both are lighter than their counterparts in alpine skiing, and the skis are usually wider so that you can glide along nicely...
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    Skitour Sportgastein | © Gasteinertal Tourismus GmbH, Christoph Oberschneider
  • Fun and great conditions on perfectly groomed slopes in Ski amadé

    10 tips for a cheap ski holiday – Children, young people & families Part 1

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  • 10 tips for a cheap ski holiday – Children, young people & families Part 1

    Are you thinking about going on a skiing holiday like every year, but are not quite sure if you can handle it with all the rising cost of living?
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    Best facilities and slopes for kids in Ski amadé