Magdalena Putz

All good things come in threes: According to Leni, sport, music and good stories bring the right flavor to life. She prefers to combine the three things.
The right sound when doing sports frees her head to make room for lots of good stories, which she shares with anyone who feels like it.

  • Hiking – Should I bring something?

    You can ask this question not only at the barbecue, but also when you put on your mountain boots. The answer: YES – water and food. The brave mountain rescue workers often have to come because someone is dehydrated or the circulatory system no...
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  • How to Krapfen – sweet vs. sour

    It is a well-known fact that opposites attract each other and that's how it works in my kitchen. I like to mix sour dishes with fruity-sweet fruit or to think about how I can refine sweet dishes with sour components and make them more exciting. But...
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    Sprinkled with some icing sugar and filled with apricot jam. Now just bite into it and enjoy!
  • Three teenagers in ski goggles take a selfie on the snow-covered mountain and the one in the back holds an orange ski

    Semester break – and now?

    As soon as the Christmas holidays are over, the stressful school work starts because "we still have to collect grades" and BÄM the semester break is here again. A short week to breathe between all the hustle and bustle. But what to do in one week?...
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  • WTF is water column

    Winter is just around the corner and a new ski suit is needed. Like a nomad, I wander from shop to shop looking for the perfect ski suit. From pushy salespeople I hide between the clothes racks – I  want to shop by myself and in peace. A look...
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  • Hiking – Do I have the right equipment?

    Wear what you need for a school trip: sturdy shoes and weatherproof clothing.
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  • Hiking – 36 degrees and it's getting even hotter, or is Mother Holle already knocking?

    It is always important to know what the weather was like in the days before the planned mountain tour, what it is like on the day of the tour and how it can develop. It also depends on whether you are going in midsummer, or in September or even...
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  • Hiking – Can I touch this?

    Spoiler – no you can’t! I just say: hands off! It doesn't matter whether it's a cute deer that can give you a good kick with its hooves, whether it's a little rabbit that might carry rabies with it, or the mummy cow, who has already turned its...
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  • Hiking – How far is it? And can I manage the kilometers and vertical meters in terms of fitness?

    In Ski amadé you will find over 100 hiking routes in summer that you can reach with the summer lifts. If you want to commit one of these routes, find out beforehand how many kilometers and meters in altitude are waiting for you and how long the...
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  • Hiking – Where do I have to go?

    We don't need another season of LOST, so there are these great yellow signs in Austria that show you the degree of difficulty of the route, in which direction it is going and how many hours you still walk. The following applies to the degree of...
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  • Fighting the chanterelle mania

    Chanterelles with bread dumplings – it's not just a dish, but the expression of South Salzburg patriotism, an attitude to life, THE summer food of the wooded mountains... but let's be honest, this chanterelle mania is seriously exaggerated. Today...
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