Melanie Bauer

Bergverliebt und skiverrückt. Die gebürtige Bayerin verbringt jede freie Zeit am Berg und hat sich den Pongau als ihre neue Heimat ausgesucht - logisch!
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    Light – Warm – Fits Perfectly!

    Who is not on the look out for the perfect ski boot? One has a pressure point there, the other model has a pressure point on the other side, the third one is not warm enough and the other one does not match your outfit. ;) Ok, the last one, you...
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  • Higher – Faster – Further.... To the top with the newest lifts in Ski amadé

    It is no secret, that there are the best and most up to date lift facilities in Ski amadé and I am always full of anticipation at the start of a new season to see what new developments have been undertaken.
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