Magdalena Schößwendter

Enjoying culinary herbal delights on the herbal enjoyment tour!

Enjoyment and Recreation One thing first: It was an extraordinarily enjoyable ski day along the unique Kings tour, spanning over 6 peaks, connected with 35 kilometres of non-stop slopes and with over 7500 metres in altitude! That sounds a little bit like hard work, but when I think back on the local delicacies, the good wines and the sun loungers, it really wasn’t!

We picked up the voucher for the herbal enjoyment tour directly from the local tourist office. This is suited as a present for an indescribable and tasty ski day! In the voucher, there are four tickets for four herbal dishes at four different selected ski huts along the King’s tour. So get up on the slopes and enjoy the food!

1. A culinary warm-up at the Bürglalm in Dienten

Because the temperatures were still very winterly early in the morning, the ski hut hostess served us personally with a hot herbal tea. Shortly afterwards, the cook Marcus came and joined us and served us with bread rolls with a hint of herbs. It was really a very enjoyable little brunch! In addition before we left, we were also allowed to try the homemade blueberry liqueur…..but keep that to yourself!

2. A delicious starter at the Wastlalm in Maria Alm

The herbal cheese dumplings in a clear beef broth tasted even better on the sun terrace. With this we drank a refreshing homemade herbal cordial. I chose the ginger-melissa juice! It was so tasty!

3. An exquisite main course at the Steinbockalm in Hinterthal

Next peak – next treat! The main meal was a real sensation for the taste buds – spinach dumplings filled with mountain cheese, herbal pesto, parmesan and a glass of Ski amadé wine – that is just how it should be! Besides the delicacies we could also enjoy the impressive 360 degree panoramic view of the Hochkönig ski region.

4. A savoury dessert at the Tiergartenalm in Mühlbach

How does the saying go? Exactly, cheese closes the stomach. The crowning ending to the herbal enjoyment tour was a lovingly made cheese platter. We sampled many different cheese varieties, whereby there were also homemade local cheeses on the board too! The digestive schnapps, a Wermuth liqueur, had to of course be part of it!

“Eating is a necessity, but enjoyment is an art!“ – The herbal enjoyment tour, should in my opinion be on everyone’s “TO-DO-LIST“. I am absolutely impressed how diversely the local herbs can be used! They give tasty dishes an extra special flavour. However, if you are not such a herbal lover, then I can recommend two further culinary enjoyment tours for gourmets in the the Hochkönig: The love of our homeland tour (Heimatliebe-Tour) and the summit enjoyment tour (Gipfelgenuss-Tour!) Have you already tried out one of the three enticing hut hopping tours? What are you still waiting for? Oh, and enjoy the food!

Magdalena Schößwendter

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