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The perfect ski tour for approx. 2 hours in Dorfgastein

Ski tours are becoming more and more popular. The real enthusiast would prefer to enjoy them in open terrain and with fantastic powder snow. Unfortunately, these conditions are often not available or the route in open terrain is too dangerous. Ski amadé and its 5 regions have found the perfect alternative for such situations: 28 piste tour routes with wonderful panoramic views.

What piste tours are there in Grossarltal?

My excursion took me to the Grossarltal region, more precisely to Dorfgastein. There are three piste tour routes to choose from here in Grossarltal. As I was out relatively late, I opted for the shorter of the two tours from the middle station of the Fulseck summit lift to Spiegelsee, which is approx. 2.4 km long and 390 metres in altitude.

What is the ascent like?

The journey to Dorfgastein went smoothly and I set off at 11.30 a.m.. After buying the ticket at the lift ticket office, I was allowed to take the summit lift to the middle station to start the tour from there. The first few metres run along the ski slope before you have to make a detour into the forest. You soon find yourself in open terrain, where a well-maintained ascent track runs. The trail is also marked with ground colour so that you don't get lost. There are also signs at all junctions indicating the route, so it is very difficult to get lost here.

As the route continues, I reach a forest road that leads past a beautiful little chapel. The penultimate ascent runs along a (presumably) former drag lift track, which, contrary to expectations, becomes quite steep towards the end. However, the grooming of the track allows for a straightforward ascent. Crossing the piste once again, into a short section of forest in open terrain, I finally reach the Spiegelsee.

Who is the tour suitable for?

This tour is particularly suitable for beginners or tourers who don't have a lot of time. The ascent is generally relatively easy, but still runs "off-piste", which greatly reduces the piste tour character. Everything is packed into 2 hours: a beautiful ascent combined with fantastic views and the wonderful highlight of a long descent.

What highlights does the tour promise?

I was extremely lucky with the weather that day, which made the summit panorama even more fantastic. A particular highlight of the rather short tour is the very long descent on a magnificent piste. Although you start the ascent at the middle station, the descent continues down to the valley and you can unpack a carving turn or two on almost 5 kilometres of pistes.


The tour to Spiegelsee is perfect for beginners or advanced skiers with smaller time windows. The long and varied descent is the perfect finishing touch to a great excursion.

Christian Voggenberger

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