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This is how to make your ski day in Ski amadé a pleasure for both your body and soul

New year, new happiness! Many people want to start the fight against the Christmas kilos after so much indulgence. What could be better for talented winter sports fans than some intensive ski sessions? Moreover, it is also possible to burn the calories from biscuits, sausages, punch etc. on the slopes and besides we all need some energy reserves for an intensive ski day on the slopes, or not? It is difficult to calculate how many calories you burn when skiing, as it depends on individual performance, intensity, breaks etc. According to the internet, the average number of calories burnt when skiing is roughly between 300 and 400 kcal per hour of skiing, including taking the lift (without queueing) – so there is still room for another biscuit or two ;) So, what does it take in order to get through a ski day and the whole season in a healthy and energetic manner?

1. Endurance, fitness & strength

It makes sense, those who train and prepare their bodies before a day’s skiing or a ski holiday, can through endurance and fitness training, as well as strength training, greatly reduce the risk of injury on the snow. In addition, you can enjoy the day on the slope so much more, if you are not out of breath straight away. It does not matter, whether you do Nordic walking, inline skating or running to improve your basic fitness.

Just how you can use the forests in Ski amadé to prepare yourself properly before the season start can be read here. Building up muscle and also warming up before the first run greatly helps to minimise the risk of injury.

2. An energy burst
Intensive runs down into the valley on skis or a snowboard stimulates our metabolism. If you eat the right nutrients, then you can increase your performance. When doing sport, 50% of or your energy requirements should come from carbohydrates. In an ideal case, your body will show you what nutrients it requires. Nuts, homemade muesli bars or a piece of dark chocolate, not only make you happy, but are also very easy to take with you and you can restore your energy levels on the lift.

At lunchtime, you can take a break at one of the numerous quaint huts in Ski amadé

3. Equipment

The right equipment also carries a lot of weight when looking to have a great ski day: the equipment should match your ability level. Make sure you regularly bring your ski equipment to a sports shop and read these tips before the start of the season. In the last years, I have come to realise that doing a ski test, for example at the Atomic Experience Day can give you new insights and can also make a bit of a change.

On the point of safety, the majority of slope users now wear a helmet (even though it is not compulsory).

Even back protectors are being used more and more, especially by kids. Another important factor is also skin and eye protection. The higher you get, the stronger the UV rays become, therefore do not forget, even when it is cloudy, to put on sun cream (LSF 50+ also for lips) and make sure to have sunglasses with CE-Norm UV-400, thereby reducing the damage to the cornea of the eyes. Sunglasses cannot shield your eyes from the light that comes in from the side, therefore wearing goggles is an even better option. 

With this in mind, I hope that you all find plenty of time to spend on the slopes and can leave the hustle and bustle behind you on the slopes in Ski amadé, which in turn can bring enjoyment to both your body and soul.

Lisa Schiefer

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