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Tips for the perfect ski day

On a skiing holiday, everything is usually more or less relaxed, you have time and you are right in the middle of a winter paradise. Maybe you live right next to the slopes or come with the ski bus, either way you can start your day of skiing comfortably. However, if you are planning a single day of skiing and only ski a few days in the winter season, then this should definitely be planned as best as possible.

This way you can avoid wasting valuable time. We have a few simple tips for you on how to get the most out of your skiing day.


Fit for the ski season

The first tip already concerns the general preparation for the winter season. Targeted strength, coordination and endurance training helps to increase your own performance and at the same time reduce the risk of injury. In other words, if you strengthen your muscles beforehand, ensure appropriate stabilization and do endurance sports such as running or cycling, you will have more fun skiing. If you are physically fit, you can easily manage the kilometers of pistes in the afternoon.


Preparation the day before

Let's continue with the immediate preparation for the day of skiing. Again, some things can be done the day before. For example, you have your clothes and equipment ready so that you don't have to look for anything or forget anything in the hectic morning. From ski underwear to skis, helmets to gloves. If you don't have your own equipment, you should of course find out more in advance and make a reservation right away. This can often save you both time and money. You can also conveniently book ski tickets from home (https://tickets.skiamade.com/). Then you go straight to the lift in the morning instead of to the cash desk.



The early bird lands on the piste

Even if it might be difficult on a day off, it definitely pays off to get out of bed a little earlier. This way, the arrival is much more relaxed, without constantly looking at the clock. Once you arrive at the ski area, things are even quieter at an earlier hour and you can already enjoy the first descents to the fullest.


Not aimlessly throughout the day

Especially in larger ski areas with many kilometers of slopes, it makes sense to get familiar with the piste plan and facilities in advance. A rough route for the day's skiing can't do any harm, because otherwise you'll often just wander aimlessly from one lift to the next without reaching your actual destination. You can also get all information about the up to 760 kilometers of slopes and 270 modern facilities in Ski amadé online. If you prefer to see your pistes and facilities on paper instead of a screen, you can get the corresponding plans directly at the ski lift ticket offices.


Refreshment stop

It doesn't matter whether you include lunch in the day's ski route or not, you should be flexible when it comes to stopping off at the hut. Most skiers go for lunch between 12.00 and 1.00 p.m. and therefore the huts are usually really full at this time. In order to get a seat more easily and to avoid long waiting times, it pays off to take a break a little earlier or later. Well-fortified and in a good mood, you can then head back to the slopes.



Have fun and enjoy the scenery

But the most important thing is definitely to simply have fun exercising in the fresh air. Enjoy the fantastic mountain scenery with your loved ones to the fullest. Don't let little things like short waiting times for a lift or other things spoil your enjoyment. Take your time and take a few souvenir photos - then you can always look back on this very special day of skiing later.

Werner Schrittwieser

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