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Viva Monte Popolo!

I have no idea how someone comes up with such a name for a ski resort – however the quality is right up there! Eben in Pongau also dazzles with the “size“ of its facilities – four lifts, two of which are practice lifts for beginners.

The ski resort in Eben is very nicely set up and offers even the smallest of skiers diverse skiing! From an exceptionally spacious car park, you are directly at one of the two practice lifts (Topolino 1).  The slope is very gentle and has three different possibilities in which to ski down back to the start!

  1. Directly next to the lift route, there is the possibility to ski down the race course.
  2. To the right of that you can either ski normally down the slope, try out the bumps or study the boards of the educational nature trail! Incidentally, every ski resort should have one of these trails. All slope regulations are child-oriented and very visually explained.
  3. Children are very good at remembering such important information. As with the driving licence, every skier should at least have heard of the rules before they head up the mountain!!!!

The practice lift Topolino 1 is run independently of the two chair lifts. To get to the practice lift Topolino 2, it is necessary to take the chair lift up.

The outward journey to Eben is also extremely good! Eben has its own motorway exit and even coming from the direction of Styria, it is very uncomplicated to get to the ski resort of “Monte Popolo!“ So if you are passing through and are in the mood to go skiing and happen to have your ski equipment with you – Eben comes highly recommended!

Even the smallest of places, expand and grow......

Tips from the ski instructor

Children have a very limited feel for speed

Most of the time, a child will simply just speed off, regardless of the consequences. Of course you do get some more cautious little ones, which you have to actually encourage to speed up a little bit, however this later group are quite thin on the ground. So back to the rebels!

It is important to show children boundaries, as they themselves are not yet capable of setting these themselves. Once a child can ski alone down the slope, it is helpful to ski in front of the child in order to slow them down a little bit. The distance between child and adult should not be too much and the child should always be encouraged to ski a bit slower. The fact of the matter is that it is actually the falls that then encourage the children to slow down.

All in all, the conditions are still quite good, but be careful in the afternoon, as the so-called sunshine skiing time has already started – the snow gets slushier in the sunshine. As the locals call it: “leg-breaker snow!“ So, it is better to take a break more often and not to push yourself too hard.

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