Slope closure for ski tourers

Pistensperre für Tourengeher

Ski touring is prohibited on our ski slopes without exception. This ban applies throughout, i.e. during both day and night times.

This ban is necessary in order to

  • ensure the safety of our ski guests on the slopes
  • protect our ski guests from atypical dangers caused by ski tourers on the slopes
  • protect our staff working on the ski slopes outside of slope opening hours
  • protect ski tourers from the dangers of night-time snowmaking and preparation work (danger to life!).

Contrary to the misguided opinion, there is no general right for ski tourers to use the slopes. 

  • The freedom of movement according to the Forest Act does not apply to ski slopes in forest areas.
  • Prepared ski slopes are not untouched wasteland (this is also the position of the Alpine Club, Bergauf, magazine of the Austrian Alpine Club, issue 05/2011). Therefore, the regulations on the freedom of movement in mountainous areas do not apply.

Experience has shown that especially in the area of narrow slopes, at blind spots and when there is a high number of skiers, considerable dangers arise from skiers ascending the slopes. As slope proprietors, we therefore have an obligation towards our ski guests to close our slopes for use by ski tourers. We are also entitled to do this as servitude holders / land owners.

We would like to point out that the ban on the use of our slopes by ski tourers must be observed. Violators expose themselves to the risk of legal and official prosecution through

  • Action for adverse possession and / or injunction
  • Criminal prosecution in case of accidents (in particular bodily injury offences)
  • Punishment under the Salzburg Provincial Safety Act (fines of up to €500 and, in the event of no payment, substitute imprisonment of up to one week).

For the above reasons, we ask you to observe the ban on ski touring on our ski slopes for your own safety and for the safety of our ski guests.
Excluded from the general ban on ski touring are areas expressly dedicated to ski touring and specially marked and signposted during the times of use indicated there.