Esther Ebner
Kaiserschmarrn love: what makes the heart jump faster
The way to ones heart goes through the stomach. This saying is well known. Food and smells remind us of good memories, shared moments and experiences of warmth, togetherness and family. If a dessert in Austria can do all of that, then it is our...
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Werner Schrittwieser
Fail! 😃 6 wrong ways to carry the skis (and one correct one)
Handling the skis while driving seems quite simple-put on your ski shoes, connect to the binding and let’s go. On the other side you will find various ways of carrying the winter sport gear. Inexperienced skiers are often identified in the...
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Esther Ebner
Vitamin C – A Power boost for winter
Vitamin C is nothing new to anyone who is concerned with healthy nutrition. Those who do not deal with it have at least heard about it. Vitamin C is present in many foods. In winter, it is worthwhile to focus on it.
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Beate Erlmoser
6 packing tips for your ski holidays
The ugly truth is: as a family, you always have a lot of luggage on a trip. Regardless of whether it's for a short trip or a whole week, packing for a ski holiday or a day of skiing remains the same in the end and it usually takes on almost the...
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Magdalena Putz
Safe hiking – equipment instead of mountain rescue
Imagine the following: You plan your route, check the weather report, pack your things and enough to drink and then you start at sunrise.
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Jounes Weidacher
Powder to the People! But please enjoy with care!
The slopes are always in perfect condition at the start of the season, however we often have to wait patiently so that we get fresh snow in such considerable amounts in order to cover the powder runs. Finally, this time came and whilst I was still...
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